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Penny’s Panties
& Pads. PERIOD.

No more worries about when it’s that time of the
month or that leak you can’t hold. We will not leave
you embarrassed but confident. PERIOD.

Women’s Black Panties

Ladies these are what you have been waiting for PERIOD. The panty that you can depend  on those heavy days.

Girl’s Panties

Feel greater security in super comfy leak proof hipsters. Combined with pads/cups/sanitary tampon for day and night protection.

Organic Reusable Pads

Reusable Waterproof Bamboo Charcoal Menstrual Pads Panty Liner Regular Flow Heavy Flow.

Girl’s First Period Pack

 We here at Penny’s Panties And Pads realize this is a sensitive time of the month for your teen girls. Our panties will not leave your teen girls embarrassed but confident and prepared for its surprise arrival.